Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1,000,001 things on the list

Packing up your entire life into two suitcases (one 24 inch and one 26 inch), a carry-on, and large bag that you hope will pass as a "purse" is a difficult feat...

We've heard nothing definite but we think a May departure is probable. The Wife's job is not exactly great about giving adequate notice. The last American to leave was told one week before they wanted her to roll out for 2 years. Considering that May is only 3 months away we've decided to operate as if we are leaving that round so we won't be blindsided when we get the official offer.

As many of you know the Wife is pretty organized. She loves a list and is constantly working off of about 3 lists at any given time. As you can imagine the list created to help us get prepared to leave the country for two years is pretty intense. No post-it sticky note here...this is on 3 pages (and growing) on an actual notebook. The items on this list range from the minor to the major things we need to get accomplished before we depart.

Whether it be cleaning out a closet, buying a dual voltage hair straightener or transfering all of our cd's to itunes...our plan is to work on the small things early so we don't get bogged down when it is time for the big things like selling our furntiture and cars, packing up all our earthly belongings and renting our house.

I know deep inside that we'll get everything done...but at this point the excitement of our adventure finally beginning is clouded by the stress of getting everything in order before we leave home.

#32- Start a blog for the trip CHECK