About Us

Since January 2009, the Wife and I have been traveling full-time overseas. Thanks to her work gig we're in a different country every 2 months. Yes, we're a little crazy, but also insanely blessed.

About moi:
Before departing on this worldwide adventure I had a career in commercial real estate. Now, I have slew of new jobs... professional tourist, full-time photo uploader, International hotel wife, part-time battery charger, (un)packing extraordinaire, amateur photographer, full-time reader of Trip Advisor, practiced travel planner, master packer of things that you think won't fit into a suitcase...did I mention I pack a lot?

I also write travel articles (check them out here) and love to contribute to travel websites, so if you have one please feel free to contact me.

About the Wife:

I defer to the incomparable Billy Joel...

The nomadic life is full of incredible experiences, amazing sights, hilarious encounters and ridiculous annoyances...I write about them all.

Don't forget our other blog that shares our gastronomical adventures at 2 Mouths in the World.

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