Life Lists


1. Hug a baby panda in China.
2. Learn Spanish.
3. Write a collection of short stories.
4. Have a legally recognized marriage. Although- this should be on my
    government’s life list to provide me as a tax paying citizen.
5. Take a photography class and actually learn to use my camera.
6. Adopt a child.
7. Hang out with meerkats in the wild.
8. Learn to make jelly, jam and can vegetables.
9. Learn to make Gran’s chocolate cake.
10. Write a collection of children’s travel books.
11. Have aforementioned books published.
12. Learn to knit.
13. Go to the Galapagos Islands.
14. Have any of writings published.
15. Raise a child(ren) who becomes a passionate and compassionate adult(s).
16. Go to Carlsbad Caverns.
17. Retire early.
18. Own and run a B&B in early retirement.
19. Make fresh pasta.
20. Have chickens and cook with my own eggs.
21. Build our house and have my ultimate dream kitchen.
22. Learn to play the guitar.
23. Stay in an over-the-water bungalow, preferably somewhere in the South
24. Have an awesome garden where we eat the food instead of just feeding
      the damn squirrels.
25. Visit Namibia.
26. See a leopard on safari.
27. Drink pisco sours in Chile.
28. Make a piece of pottery on one of those wheels.
29. Learn to crochet well (aka- make a blanket that isn’t horribly slanted).
30. Learn to sew and make a dress for myself.
31. Go to the Maldives before it sinks.
32. Own my own business.
33. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary with my wife.
34. Visit at least 40 states.
35. Sell our first house and not lose our ass.
36. Become a member of our church.
37. Meet a past or present US President. Obviously a Democrat and
     preferably Bill Clinton, or someone who should have been President like
38. Go to a fancy masquerade ball. Feathers must be present on costume/mask.
39. Be in another play.
40. Try and swallow a bite of Durian fruit.
41. Visit at least 60 countries before I’m 60.
42. Take cooking classes in Tuscany.
43. Live a healthy life.
44. Snuba
45. Visit all 7 continents.
46. Become a Grandmother and be at least half as awesome as mine.
47. Go to the Derby and wear a huge wonderful hat.
48. Have a vacation home.
49. See flowing lava in Hawaii.
50. Teach a class.
51. Take a driving vacay up the east coast during the fall.
52. Go to Tibet.
53. Go to Yosemite National Park.
54. Go to Yellowstone National Park.
55. Take a glass blowing class.
56. Eat a soup dumpling in Shanghai.
57. Go to an Amish town.
58. Study my maternal family tree.
59. Start a Sunday dinner tradition with family and friends.
60. See the tuna auction in Tokyo’s fish market.
61. Own another convertible.
62. See the Great Barrier Reef.
63. Drink Vodka in Russia.
64. Take a ride on a yacht.
65. Go fly fishing.
66. Volunteer for a political campaign.
67. Sleep under the stars in a desert.
68. Visit Cuba (see #2).
69. Stay in an ice hotel.
70. See the aurora borealis.
71. Paint a picture.
72. See Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.
73. Swim with dolphins.
74. Visit Damascus.
75. Visit Lebanon.
76. Take an Alaskan cruise.
77. Attend a Hindi wedding, preferably in India.
78. Figure out and execute a way to display photos from our travels.
79. See a kangaroo in Australia.
80. Go deep-sea fishing again.
81. Host a traditional Thanksgiving at our home.
82. Take a flight through the Himalayans to see Mt. Everest.
83. Go to Easter Island.
84. Adopt a family every single Christmas we’re home.
85. Overcome my fear of heights.
86. Be able to wear heels on a daily basis again.
87. Make a croquembouche including spun sugar for the holidays.
88. See the Gypsy Kings live in concert.
89. Take a hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley.
90. Get 1st place in a cooking contest.
91. Be someone’s mentor.
92. Learn to sail.
93. Write a cookbook.
94. Master my curls or actually learn to embrace them for the mess they are…
     OR finally destroy them permanently.
95. Have a drink at an ice bar.
96. Learn and actually enjoy a sport. Or maybe a “sporty” type hobby.
97. Learn to quilt and finish at least one quilt.
98. See Chichen Itza.
99. Go clamming.
100. See Angkor Wat.
101. Spend a day with an elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
102. Pick fresh strawberries.
103. Play craps in a casino.
104. Eat a lobster in Maine.
105. Walk in a flooded cranberry field.
106. Go snow-shoeing.
107. See rice terraces.
108. Learn to play the violin.
109. Host a Holi celebration to welcome the spring.
110. Shoot skeet.

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