Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ask and ye shall receive

Okay this is so not a joke. I checked the Obama website later this afternoon (I've been checking numerous times a day for weeks now) and it finally said my signs had shipped. However, it would not let me track the package...leading me to believe it had not yet been received by the shipping company.

2 minutes ago I go out the back door to let Monkey Sue out and low and behold there is a tube package laying on my back signs!

taking advantage of being on a corner
stuck one in the neighbor's yard for good measure

I'll be sure to send him an open letter on my blog asking for world peace and financial stability for all when he becomes President.


KNB said...

maybe this means mine are at home, too!! i ordered three back when y'all came over for dinner and STILL haven't got them. bastards.

MAV said...

oh crap did you order one for us? i totally forgot...we'll totally pay you for it!

KNB said...

hell no you won't! i'll give it to someone else. that's IF i ever get them, of course. i was so excited to go home yesterday, but there was no tube waiting for me. :(