Monday, December 15, 2008

life as we knew it

We successfully moved out of the house this past Saturday. As with all moves it was a pain in the rear and the fact that I ended up having to have my wisdom teeth removed Wednesday morning didn't exactly help things move any more smoothly. Hydrocodone and organized moves don't really go hand in hand I guess.

So our lives as nomads have officially begun. It is strange living out of a suitcase and knowing each time I open it that this will be the norm for 2 years. I'm sure all of it will become second nature to me but at this point (day 2) I'm still struggling with how to organize my train case so I can put my makeup and fix my hair without having to pack and repack it 50 times during the process.

Life as we knew it is over and I am strangely at complete peace with that fact. I really think the acupuncturist did something to me in the last session to release me from the bondage of my high strung and worrisome ways...either that or maybe that part of me was located in one of my wisdom teeth.

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