Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Schedule is out!!!

We're headed to the Philippines!!!

We're ready for some hot weather after chasing the cold around all year...sand between our toes, drinks on the beach, beautiful sunsets and some Asian travel- cannot wait!

We also can't wait to finally use all the summer clothes we've been hauling all over the world ;)

I know it might not stick out as some great travel destination to most people but look at this...

I think we're going to be very, very happy!


Kristy Bible said...

I am very excited about you guys being in Asia! Are you only going to be there for one month?

MAV said...

No, we leave in Oct, I am just an idiot! Cannot wait to see you and Will!!!

Danielle said...

So i take it this means no stop in the ATL on your way?