Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 days in...

I suppose we were lucky to get here Sunday night. The volcanic ash was causing loads of headaches for loads of people Saturday. Many of the people on our flight to Paris had been victims of flight cancellations and had already had very long days. We were delayed a couple of hours and the adjusted flight pattern added almost 2 hours to our already long flight, but it could have been much worse.

For some reason I refused to sleep on the overnight flight. Although tired I just couldn’t do it. Instead I watched 4 movies. It amazes me how many movies I actually catch on planes. I suppose this is really the only way I even see new(ish) movies. I finally saw Invictus and if you haven’t you should. It made me miss being in South Africa, even with all limitations that came with living in the crime ridden Jo’berg, it was still my favorite rotation of last year.

I digress.

When we arrived in Paris we had to wait in an endless line just to be told what we already knew. We had missed our flight and missed the next flight available while standing in line. We’d have to wait another 6 hours before getting on the last flight to Tunisia.

All my concern about the country's conservative and religious views,about how we were dressed and being two lone women were put to rest immediately upon getting to immigration. We stood in line for a couple of minutes before the guys from the transportation service found us. It was about 80% tourists.

Jules says the client is very gracious and she’s enjoying the short commute. Our hotel is only a couple of blocks from the office and although it is sorely in need of a renovation, we have a lovely patio overlooking the lake. There are also quite a few restaurants in walking distance which will be nice and convenient. As long as they can find us a room with carpet that doesn’t look like livestock has been raised on it I think we’ll be okay here.

For some idiotic reason I somehow thought I could sleep without the aid of my jetlag buddy, Ambien, last night. I was so exhausted I thought surely I would be out for the night. Not so much. Goal for today and tomorrow is to get my sleep pattern under control. And hopefully these weird dreams I keep having will cease. This in turn will help my brain accomplish my writing goals and aid my body in accomplishing my gym goals. It is all about the sleep people.


dinosher said...

Yo, I do that 4-movie marathon all the time on those flights! When you can't sleep, you just can't sleep!

MAV said...

next time i'm taking an ambien. it really screwed me up to be away for 24 hours.