Monday, June 28, 2010


For our last weekend we headed south to Sousse. Technically our hotel was in Monastir, but Sousse was the town we visited so let’s go with that.

Saturday we decided to get the tourist attractions out of the way and headed to El Jem. My guidebook stated (many times actually) that the Roman coliseum there was finer than the one in Rome. Note to self and to those reading- don’t buy “Rough Guide” travel books. I’ve never been so annoyed or disappointed with a guidebook. Needless to say this coliseum wasn’t better than the one in Rome. It was very nice though and was interesting enough to make the trek without the over-hype…

After making our way back from El Jem, we headed into the medina in Sousse. This old fortified area of the city houses their souk...

I lost my shopping mojo a few weeks ago and the high tourist prices in Sousse and constant beckoning from the shop owners didn’t revive it. Which is actually a very good thing considering how much we’ve already bought and are trying to figure out how to get home.

We made it back to the hotel in time for a couple of hours on the beach where I was thoroughly entertained by a gregarious pack of older Italian ladies and enjoyed the sunset before heading to dinner...

Sunday I refused to do anything but relax and get some sun and that is exactly what Jules and I did while Frenchie went on a shopping spree in the souk.

I ended up burning a few areas to a crisp, but am still happy I was able to get a little color before leaving for Germany this Friday. I absolutely cannot wait to live in dresses and skirts.

We’re stopping in Lisbon on our way to Cologne…just the first of many new cities we plan to delve into this summer in Europe!

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