Monday, November 22, 2010

daily glimpse

I toy all the time with sharing our souvenirs from around the world with you. You know when you buy something new and the best part is showing someone what you got…”Look at this great whatshoosit I got on sale!” or having someone gush over your new purchase “Nice thingamagie, wherever did you get it?”

We’re going to have so many new things once we return they won’t garner the individual attention so many of them deserve. It makes me sad for my purchases. It also makes me sad for our friends because once we move back the first dozen or so times you’re in our home it is going to be show-and-freaking-tell-from-hell. Apologies in advance.

That said, some purchases are just too freaking awesome to wait for that day to come…

Yes, it’s an all-purpose silicone pig mat. Obviously I wanted it immediately, but when I flipped this bad boy over I was sold…

Oh yeah that’s right- to remove him safely from a pot of boiling food you just stick your chopsticks in his nose and lift.

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