Thursday, November 3, 2011

the daily(ish)

Yuyuan Gardens in the old town of Shanghai is a really lovely place to spend an afternoon…



Aside from the tourists it is quite serene and best of all no smoking allowed- and they actually mean it.  I can’t tell you how funny (read: ridiculous) it is to me that in March a ban on smoking in public buildings was enacted and NO ONE complies. 

There is a lot of spitting going on around here and although I originally thought it was the pollution, I am convinced it is because all the men smoke like houses on fire.


Miet said...

I loved Yuyuan garden and the tea ceremony in the tea house... Did you also go to the pearl market there? There's one on the top floor of the store outside yuyuan where you can also buy gold ( can't remember name right now, but it's a pretty big store on a corner)

MAV said...

I'll look for it! I need to know how much I should be paying for pearls. I may need a conference call with you and MJ!