Tuesday, June 23, 2009

recommended read

not sure if i mentioned before but books cost about their weight in gold in south africa. a measly paperback can easily set you back about $35-$45 USD.

i refused to pay so much for a book i would only end up leaving behind but after actually getting excited about a free copy of "o" magazine i knew i was going to have to break down and get a book. if i'm turning to poprah, you know it was bad.

after some painful shopping i finally decided on nelson mandela's "long walk to freedom"...one, because it was long so i thought i'd be getting more bang for my buck and two, the former political prisoner who led our tour at robben island had recommended it.

i don't find myself reading too much non-fiction but i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed this book. it is a truly amazing story not only mandela's life and his commitment to the struggle for equality but of a modern day country's journey towards democracy.

it is an inspiring and powerful read. one that i don't think you need to be visiting south africa to appreciate.

btw- i need book recommendations...i'm too lazy for goodreads.

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