Wednesday, June 3, 2009

reunited and it feels so good...

not sure if any of you have ever had your phone stolen while overseas and then tried to get a replacement while still over there but, apparently shipping electronics is pretty much impossible. luckily, a very nice person was in atlanta and flying back to south africa the same week the pick-pocket made off with my baby.

at&t actually came through in delivering it in time but the very nice person had to take it out of the box to bring it through customs. no issue there except the bag with my battery, paperwork and charger was lost by the airline.

so although i've had the actual phone for a week, i've been waiting to bring frankenstein back to life.

i went ahead and bought a new battery today and after a short chat with at&t (probably the least painful experience i've ever had with them and i used to deal with our entire business account at work) i am up and running.

the wife has and probably always will despise the crackberry but, more than ever before i rely on it to link me to everyone back home.

it's baaaaack...

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