Wednesday, August 5, 2009


during a recent chat with mrs. kugan, i described buenos aires by saying "it is like new york and paris had a spanish baby". don't read too deeply into the analogy...maybe they should have adopted and raised the baby because how could they have had a spanish one? well, the Wife's parents both had dark hair so anything is possible i guess...or maybe they sent their baby to a south american boarding school...yeah, that makes more sense...point being - you get all the hustle bustle, diversity and intensity of nyc but at the same time you get beautiful architecture, history and charm like paris...just with tango and an insane love of football.

rho and i had a great time exploring the city. we did a tour which gave us a broad understanding of the neighborhoods and layouts and also went on our own to the mayo plaza and recoleta cemetery.

this past weekend jules and i stayed put and although we stayed in for a much needed "movie day" on saturday it was recoleta (the neighborhood itself, but mainly the cemetery) that i suggested she see on sunday.

this victorian cemetery is truly the most expensive and exclusive real estate in buenos aires. it is laid out like a small city with "street" after "street" of the most impressive mausoleums you can imagine. one after another after another…just when you think you’ve seen the biggest or most ornate you turn a corner and are facing three grander and more beautiful than the last.

yes, it can be a bit creepy hanging in a cemetery for hours but this one is by far worth it. not to mention you can't go to buenos aires and not see evita's final resting spot. no, really, you sign a contract upon entering the country...along with seeing tango, eating at least one steak per day and ingesting at least a pound of dulce de leche:)

the pics are a mixture of my time with rho and last sunday with the Wife.

special note to jnb- there are like no “people” shots so you may not want to waste your time- lo siento!

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