Monday, August 10, 2009

dorkin' it up

when we came across this guy on our way to the falls on sunday i exclaimed (rather loudly) "oh my gosh, a leaf-cutter ant!!" and yes, maybe there was a squeal or two as i practically laid down on the sidewalk to get its photo.

i thought nothing odd about this until after i got up to find the Wife laughing. what? is it really that dorky to be excited about an ant? apparently so because she laughed at me for quite some time and is still giggling at the thought of it now and again.

whatevs, i watched a documentary on these ants at some point (probably when she was out of town on business) and they were really facinating. they cut pieces of leaves and then carry them back to feed the fungus they grow inside their nest. they seriously "farm" this fungus...they fertilize it and keep it pest free, just like a garden. agriculture on a tiny scale.

so, of course i was excited to see them in real life. who wouldn't be? okay, maybe i don't want that answer.

anyway i'm still glad we saw him and hey, i make no apologies, she knew what she was getting into when she married me!

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