Monday, November 2, 2009


It seems I didn't forget to charge the battery for our seems it has officially died. Just 4 years old but, alas, that is ancient in the technology world. He had a good life and captured a lot of images. He'll be sadly missed.

In lieu of flowers please send new camera recommendations.


Dr. Pants said...

Even though I grew up in the town where Kodak was invented, I have to say that I have never been disappointed by a Canon. Ever.

MAV said...

what kind of canon do you have??

Dr. Pants said...

right now i have the powershot SD790 IS which can do fun things with colors, like isolate one color in a shot and make everything else black and white. It is also very lightweight. Before that I had that one that Jodi and Maxine also had with the flip out lens for self portraits. They take very good pictures.

I love Kodak, but the battery life on them sucks.

MAV said...

i definitely don't want that bulky self-photo camera. although we do take a lot of self-photos when we travel alone. hmm, what i really need is a camera that does low light well. we use the point and shoot when we don't want to lug around the slr, which is usually when we go out at night.