Wednesday, November 4, 2009

round one...

i'm not even sure i should be posting this.

i'm afraid too many people will be wishing for something we're not wishing for and i don't want a bunch of wishes counteracting ours.

so, before you start the praying, hoping and wishing remember we're going to be home for five whole weeks before round one AND we didn't sign up for this adventure to spend it at a hotel in buckhead AND the less we get to see now will mean the longer we'll want to stay in the program AND if you love us you'll set us free or something like that.

possible locations for round 1 are...

usa-specifically atlanta, georgia

obviously we're hoping for china since we didn't get to go there this round. but, if we are headed home (or technically staying home) we'll be happy for all the extra time we get to spend with loved ones and for the opportunity to travel within the us.

i'm not sure when we'll get the actual schedule but, for now, let the battle of the wishes begin!


kristi said...

i'm hoping for china, cause i want y'all back for good sooner rather than later! hope you are cooking some fabu meals in your apartment...looking forward to seeing y'all SOON!!!!

jason paul herring said...

I hope you get China! I have no preference for my own selfish reasons because I can't really go anywhere the first few months of 2010.
Atlanta would be a really weird assignment. Not even Gert would like the scenario.

MAV said...

thanks guys! hopefully with our wishes combined we'll be off to the east. it would be so weird being home for that long and not being settled in any way.