Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Derby Fever

So I've been wanting to attend a Roller Derby bout for a few years now but never got around to it and I think it used to be held OTP which is out of the question no matter how much I want to go see girls kick each other's asses while speed skating around in a circle.

My yearning returned full force when the Atlanta Rollergirls were in the parade this weekend at the IP Fest. So after checking out their website I've found out that we have 4 teams here in Atlanta; The Denim Demons, Apocalypstix, Sake Tuyas and the Toxic Shocks, who I desperately hope kick butt b/c I've decided by name alone they're "my team". Those 4 teams play each other every 2nd Saturday of the month and sometimes there are out-of-town teams as well.

Due to K's b-day party we can't go in May and even though MC said April was a bit premature for commitments I want to go ahead and plan to go in June.

You need to buy advance tickets so those of you who already know you're in let me know because I'm getting mine SOON.

Details are as follows:

June 14th (5pm)

$13 bucks for 2 bouts

ITP- its now on Ponce at the Shrine Center and haven't you always wondered what was up in the Shrine Center anyway?

Free Parking

Event is BYOB and apparently people tailgate beforehand...again I ask myself why I haven't been before...
Who's in?

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Beth said...

Em and I are IN!