Saturday, September 20, 2008

a breath of salty air

just got back from a week at the beach. leaving was weird because we knew we wouldn't be visiting the family condo again until the earliest.

of course while pointing this out to the wife I also said i doubted either of us would be dreaming of pc beach while traveling the world. but there are a few things i will miss...

~ the ease of vacationing there...nothing to do and nothing to see
~ she-crab soup at captain anderson's which was as divine as always last night
~ white sand beaches (the gulf has ruined me from appreciating any other color sand)
~ the steamed tiny little crab claws and raw oysters at billy's
~ the great people watching on the beach (i spy a mullet with my little eye)
~ being able to read at least 3 books in one week
~ totally avoiding all "real world events"...i only watched cnn once and only for about 15 minutes

it was a nice break and as we are foregoing our normal christmas trip this year, it will be the last extended one we get until we leave in 4 months.

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