Tuesday, September 2, 2008


things i learned this last weekend of summer:

1. it feels freaking awesome to start a football season ranked as #1 in the nation! as the wife pointed out...all we have to worry about is ourselves. although that won't keep her from watching every other college game this season.

2. the GOP is officially retarded. i mean sure if i was going to pick someone with one foot in the grave i'd chose the most inexperienced and least intelligent person i could find as their back-up. i guess they thought america had a thing for that sort since they voted the reigning king of all morons into office twice.

3. adding cream cheese and condensed milk does make an amazing banana pudding and Paula Deen is still a genius.

4. i am not a 22 year old anymore and drinking like one will only lead to near death nausea and pain the next day...and yes i actually needed that lesson repeated twice this weekend before it really sank in.

5. a slider bar with gourmet toppings is an excellent idea and i'm totally stealing it from ms. payne for my next football party.

6. keeping your dog from taking their usual 47 naps per day will allow you up to 3 days of total peace afterwards.

7. don't start talking politics with practical strangers at their house when you've had a few gallons of wine/champagne and are in the midst of the most hormonal time of the month because the chances of you crying in front of them and making a total arse of yourself is apparently fairly high.

8. zeke-man is still, by far, the cutest baby on earth.

So bring on the fall, i'm more than ready, and heck, even a little wiser.


Beth said...

i agree, the sliders were amazing even with a veggie patty!

Yellowdog (Beth) said...

it doesn't matter how you start the season, it is how you finish it. :)