Thursday, September 11, 2008

on a non-political front

so i was watching jon & kate plus 8 last night...which by the way, if you are not watching you should be...anyway last night's episode had them camping in their backyard. this is about as close as i came to primitive camping as a child. my cousins had a camper and i was a bit of a princess.

in recent years i've really come to appreciate camping and now i am totally itching to go. i want to get out of the city and roast some freaking marshmallows. maybe even do a little fishing...get back to my country-girl roots...or is that my lesbian roots?

whatever it may be i'm desperately searching for a weekend this fall when the weather will have turned cool but not too cold (cause i'm kinda still a princess) there isn't a football game and at least a couple of our friends can come.

so email/call me if you're interested.

i know hody is already dialing my number to rsvp...


Emily said...

Hey Melissa, Beth and I were just discussing the other day how we want to go on a camping trip before its too late (errr...cold). And Beth is also obsessed with Jon and Kate plus 8, so we have been eyeing the previews of the backyard camping episode all this week. So basically I'm saying that we are up for camping trip! So if you guys decide on a weekend let us know.

MAV said...

YAY! We were just talking last night about who would go and I knew you guys would be in!!

KNB said...

dude we would TOTALLY be in!! rach is itchin to get in the mountains, too. jodi is also superpumped about mountaineering, as i'm sure you know.