Wednesday, September 24, 2008

no surprise but still a good thing

okay so Clay Aiken wasn't fooling anyone except maybe some teenage girls and this bitter old bigot that i used to work with but, hey, we all know how those types like to live in a world of fantasy.

i had once told that bitter old bigot that i thought someone had to blind, deaf and have an i.q. score in the teens to believe he was straight. she of course was an anomaly with only 1 out of the 3.

that being said, the Gayken is out and although i'm not in the least bit surprised about his sexuality i am taken aback by his choice to come out on the cover of people magazine. his reason to finally come on out of the closet...his son.

he said he didn't want to raise his child to believe that lying and hiding things were okay and i have to say that when i read this it really warmed my heart.

i was very lucky in the facts that i didn't care what my family thought and that most of my friends were already gay. this made my coming out really fairly easy. this unfortunately made me very judgemental about those who still lived in the closet. what was the big deal? come on out you big babies!!

fortunately, with age i was able to shed some of my ignorant views and i try to withhold any judgement for those who choose to be closeted.

it is not a life i can understand but i'm sure to make that choice you must have some pretty compelling reasons. my heart goes out to you because i can't imagine a worse life lived than one that is not your own.

so good for you Clay...and even better for your son. i still hate your music but my respect for your person has risen significantly.

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