Monday, September 14, 2009


travel from cebu is not very convenient. the flight times for international as well as domestic flights are actually so inconvenient that we'll probably only leave the country once while here and haven't planned much for domestic jaunts either.

however, cebu is just a short 2 hours on a ferry to the island of bohol. which, is where we were off to this weekend and where we'll be going back at least once, if not twice more before we leave the philippines. we booked a little villa at a small resort on panglao island and arrived friday evening.

bohol has quite a few things to offer in ways of sights and excursions but, in truth, we ventured no further than to the restaurants down the beach all weekend.

our hotel was located at the end of a nice little stretch of beach and sort of perched up on a cliff. with a lovely breeze blowing off the water and a beautiful view of the beach and ocean it was a perfect place to just rest and relax. not to mention catch up on all the sleep lost to jet lag.

since we'll be making more trips there we felt no pressure to run around taking in the island. next time we'll definitely get out and about more but, until then there isn't much more to tell.

this weekend we're meeting up with some of the gals from the manila team in davoa. aka- more beach time!

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