Tuesday, September 15, 2009


one of the reasons i had hoped to be in manila this round was because the team stays in corporate apartments. actually that was my one and only reason. i miss cooking, having our own space and thought it would be a nice break from the hotel life in general.

although we have the option of finding apartments wherever we get assigned, i haven't been too interested in it. i don't know, i like having a concierge and front desk to run to when i am new to a foreign country. to me it just makes sense to stay in a hotel when you're in an unfamiliar environment.

that said, since san juan is fairly familiar territory we decided to look into getting a place.

i'm not sure why i thought it would be easy. how quickly i've been reminded just how much i really do hate apartment hunting. the fact that it needs to be furnished only adds an extra thick layer of frustration.

why do people who obviously have enough income to own a rental condo on the beach have such horrendous taste? can't they hire a designer or at the very least pick up a decor magazine from this decade?? where on earth do they find such pitiful pieces and how do they ever think to put them all together??

if i see one more palm tree patterned futon i'm going to puke.

hilton here we come!


J Paul said...

I think PR stop decorating at the height of the Golden Girls.

MAV said...

well even blanche would be disgusted by some of the places we've seen.

we've got one that might work out so fingers crossed!

Sara said...

Hey Melissa! We always found our vacation rentals at www.rentalo.com. We had some fashion disasters, but we also found a couple of really cute places...

MAV said...

thanks sara, hopefully this one we found is going to work out. just waiting for approval from management.

it isn't perfect but the location is great and at least i didn't see any lamps made out of shells in the photos!

although i think there is a cheap monet print hanging in the living room...oh well, can't have everything i guess ;)