Friday, September 25, 2009

down time

we've decided to stay put this weekend. since we just got back monday evening it seemed silly to pack back up 3 days later just to go lay on another beach or at another pool in bohol. we still plan on going back to see the sights there and again, with being in cebu we don't really have a ton of other options.

my goal for the weekend, other than enjoying some qt with just the Wife, is to work on these funky tan lines i have going on.

at first i thought it was remnants of the sunburn bib i gave myself in peru. but now i'm fairly certain that at some point a very wide strap was laid across my right shoulder and chest without my knowledge. from the color difference i'm going to guess it was there for at least two hours.

wth? where did this weird line come from?? i'm going to look like a patchwork quilt by the time we get home for christmas.

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