Tuesday, September 29, 2009

home sweet apartment

after much searching and 12 hour delay emailing back and forth with the property manager and the work managers...we got an apartment for next round! we're very excited to end our year with a little slice of normalcy.

the apartment is located in condado. this is great neighborhood just outside old san juan that has the beach, shopping, restaurants, bars, etc. we'll actually be just 4 blocks from the beach and get ready folks- there are at least 4 mexican restaurants in walking distance. as you can imagine, the wife is beside herself.

we have a spare bedroom with a twin bed, a trundle, and a pullout sofa. so seriously, if you want to come visit this is your perfect opportunity to do so on the cheap. if you've never been to puerto rico before it's really a great place to vacation. that's why we've been so many times before ;)

if you do want to come please email me so we can work out dates. we're planning on doing some weekends on the island and we'd like to coordinate those with visitors. we'd love, love, love to have you so if you want to get a tan before christmas let us know asap.

and if someone wants to give me a refresher course on how to wash clothes that would be great.

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Anonymous said...

hey! so, kaitlin and i are extremely serious about making the trip to see you guys in puerto rico. the dates we are tentatively planning for are sunday, nov. 22nd through sunday, nov. 29th. let me know if this will work for you guys. we've already looked up a flight and are just waiting to hear back from you before we book it!