Friday, October 30, 2009


Due to the extreme jet lag, which seems to be more powerful than any venti iced latte the sweet little barista here can concoct, this is not going to be a very detailed account of our weekend in Thailand. But, hey, aren’t you tired of the details? It seems we get fewer and fewer readers these days and as I read back through I can understand why…how many weekend itineraries can you stand before enough is just enough??

So, for your sake and mine…

Despite the smothering heat and humidity that seemed to truly suck the life out of you within minutes of stepping outside, we really had a great weekend in Bangkok. We did a full day tour of the Grand Palace, a few city sites and some temples. In short, cause that is how we’re going to do things for a while, the Grand Palace was mind-boggling. So beautiful and ornate that we really walked around with our mouths gaping open for the majority of our time there. The temples were serene and exquisite and the city bustling and diverse. Our guide, Molly, was delightful and it really was an awesome day…

A few other CAD folks were in town that weekend and we hung out with them in the evenings grabbing drinks, dinners and more drinks. Our trip into the Pad Pong area on Saturday night was an in-your-face look at the sleazy side of the city. When I say “sleazy” I mean that in the most grotesque way you can imagine…actually I don’t think you could even imagine some of the stuff and if you can then maybe we shouldn’t be friends. Seriously, that would be a deal breaker if ever there was one.

Even though we never stepped inside the bars it was impossible for me not to be revolted and saddened all at the same time. The “people watching” was at its best though and after the lonesome and random teacup poodle determinedly walked past in a striped tank top, I couldn’t help but be amused.

We spent Sunday at the Chatuchak weekend market. Shopping in Bangkok is unbelievable but it seems that my shopping bug dies when said shopping is on the surface of the sun. We picked up a few small things but on our next trip there I’m getting one of those personal cooler collar thingies or maybe a jacket made of ice so I can really take advantage.

I completely forgot to charge the point and shoot’s battery so for now there are only pics from our day tour…more to come once I wrangle them from the others.

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