Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunny Typhoon Weekend

Pablo got here on Thursday morning...very early Thursday morning. Not that it mattered to him. After 36+ hours of multiple plane rides, layovers, airports, and time zones he didn't have a clue as to what time it really was anyway.

We had planned to go to Hong Kong Friday evening but mother nature and the Sponsor had other plans. Since yet another typhoon was headed for Manila we had the choice to either get out on Friday morning or stay in Cebu. There were no flights out of Cebu that early so we hunkered down for what turned out to be a sunny and wonderful weekend. We expected nothing more than a few rain showers but we didn't even get that.

Our weekend in Cebu was great. We spent loads of time enjoying our beautiful beach on Friday and Saturady. Then on Sunday we took in the sights of the island with Cloris and her friend in town from China.

We've ate, drank and had a very merry weekend. It is always so great to have our friends with us to share experiences.

We were of course a little disappointed with having to cancel Hong Kong, but, not to fear we've rescheduled for this weekend!

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