Wednesday, October 21, 2009

that time again

normally when we come to the end of the audit i'm amazed at how quickly time has flown by. is it really time to pack up and build a new nest somewhere else?? this time however, i'm in awe of how long it took to get here.

our time in cebu was cut short by a week of vacation but, it still seemed the only time that didn't drag by was when pablo came to visit. i guess that's why islanders have such a slow way of life. their whole world is in a time warp.

don't get me wrong, cebu and our hotel setting was really very lovely. the people could not have been more kind or cheerful and the beach and grounds were beautiful to say the least. i think some people are made for the beach life, the wife included. but, unfortunately, i'm not one of them. i love a good beach vacation but week after week of your daily options consisting of 1. lay out at the beach or 2. lay by pool gets very old, very quickly.

i had originally thought how lucky we were to be in cebu as opposed to manila. i think this was because manila is consistently at the top of "most dreaded locations" list with other people in the department.

now that we're in manila i regret so much that we were shipped off to cebu. of course, right off the bat the apartment compared to the tiny hotel room in cebu gives manila a huge leg up. but, the location in manila is also so much better than i had expected. granted it is one mega mall after the next but at least you can get out and walk around...go to a movie, browse a bookstore, go out to bars, grab a cup of coffee, eat somewhere other than krua thai*, etc.

fingers crossed that when we undoubtedly return next year the wife gets assigned to the manila team.

we're headed to bangkok this weekend before our long journey to puerto rico. funny to think in a short few days we'll be back in the western world, albeit the latin portion. we're looking forward to unpacking every single thing out of our suitcases in our apartment, all the visitors that are coming (yay!), and most of all having a little bit of space and normalcy before heading home for the holidays.

*for the record krua thai was awesome. it was delicious thai food and cheap as dirt but, wow, 2 to 3 times a week for 6 weeks can really make a girl cringe at the thought of green curry.


jason paul herring said...

I loved my trip to paradise! It was incredible, and I fell in love with a pound of fruit every morning, and fresh juices (I miss watermelon and celery most).
Yet I can totally see how you'd like to do Manila instead year. Cebu was liked a walled tropical garden, living in A time warp. It is so sheltered from real outside interaction. Awesome vacation spot, but too isolated to live there without going stir-crazy.
I can't wait to hear about Bangkok!

Dr. Pants said...

on a plus side, you didn't get swept away in a typhoon like you would have been if you were in Manila. :)

MAV said...

yeah, i guess not dealing with a typhoon was a good thing...

i see a juicer in both our futures. actually i hope to see one in your future even sooner than mine. say around december
18th when we check into the herring inn ;)