Friday, October 30, 2009

top 5's

things i am loving about puerto rico...

1. no math- no metric system, no celsius and no foreign currency!!!!
2. brands/products i recognize- jiff peanut butter, baked lays, activia yogurt!
3. tv- abc, nbc, cbs and all in time for november sweeps!!
4. same time zone- i can finally talk to my friends in the same day!
5. no math- see #1.

things i am not loving about puerto rico...

1. no apartment after all :(
2. not a ton of affordable weekend travel :|
3. my old favorite gay beach bar no longer has fun sunday tea parties :{
4. our hotel is going to make us pack up and check out every single weekend :[
5. no apartment after all :(


Danielle said...

So sorry to hear no apartment. That really sucks. We thought of you girls often this weekend. Hope you are well. Can't wait to see you in Dec/Jan. Remember, you are more than welcome to stay with us during your visit. Miss you bunches.

MAV said...

We thought about you guys this weekend too. It was hard being so close but unable to be there. We had hoped to do a surprise trip but with all the apartment stuff and the ridiculous jet lag we decided it was best to stay put. We did find another apartment though! We're moving in tomorrow!!