Thursday, April 28, 2011

long weekend


Thanks to ANZAC Day and the Easter holiday falling on the same weekend, we had 5 days to enjoy the Hunter Valley wine region and the Blue Mountains.  Thanks to the rain and dense fog on Monday and Tuesday we saw absolutely nothing of the latter.

We had wonderful weather in the Valley though and a great time time there.  We arrived late Friday afternoon to our precious little B&B and had a blast touring a handful of boutique vineyards on Saturday…




We headed over to the Blue Mountains on Sunday morning, but by the time we arrived my head cold was in full swing and I chose to stay at the hotel while Pablo and the wife took a stroll through the little town of Katoomba.  She dutifully took the camera and apparently made the joke “better take a picture of this view in case it rains the rest of the time we’re here”…


Famous last words since of course this is the one and only photo we have of the Blue Mountains.  We had planned on setting out the next morning to see all the beautiful sights they  have to offer and woke up to this both Monday and Tuesday mornings…



So after a full day spent in our somewhat creepy hotel (think: The Shining) we left directly after breakfast on Tuesday to make our way back to Sydney.  Soggy, wet Sydney.

Even with the weather and my horrible cold, it wasn’t so bad.  I read 2 books (highly recommend both “The Bird Sisters” and “The Poisonwood Bible”) and got to spend time with the only 2 people in the world that I could actually enjoy being cooped up with.

Pablo leaves tomorrow (boo!) and we’ve decided to take advantage of our last weekend in a city where we’re free to roam around before heading to our compound bound life in Jo’burg.

Longest weekend we’ve ever had and I took the fewest photos ever, you can thank both the bad weather and the good wine for that…

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cynthia said...

bummer about the weather but at least the wine was good!