Monday, April 18, 2011



Pablo arrived in Australia on Thursday morning and by Friday evening we had him on yet another flight.  We seem to be unable to help ourselves from doing that, but he seems to be the master or jet lag so it works out.

We had a great little dinner at a local spot in Melbourne Friday night and were up early for an entire day on the Great Ocean Road.  I mean the “entire” day.  It was an over 13 hour tour but totally worth it…






The Great Ocean Road is just a gorgeous stretch of costal highway with breathtaking views at every turn.  We also got to see koalas in the wild, feed some wild although extremely friendly parrots and take a brisk little jaunt into a lovely rainforest…




Awesome day.

Since we packed it all in on Saturday we chose to have a leisurely Sunday in Melbourne… had a great brunch, walked about, caught a street performance from the comedy festival, took a streetcar ride around the city  and ended our time with a couple of beers on a rooftop bar.  Oh, how I love those kinds of Sundays. 

Thanks to a national holiday and Easter colliding we’ve got a 5 day weekend ahead of us and we’re heading out on a road trip to the Hunter Valley wine region and the Blue Mountains.  Should be so much fun!

Pics from our Melbourne weekend…


cynthia said...

Looks like a great drive! yay for 5 day weekends coming up!! I'm interested in the wines over there.

MAV said...

It was a beautiful drive! I'll post about the wines next week! So yummy!