Tuesday, May 3, 2011

note to self

Dearest Melissa-

Maybe it isn’t the greatest idea on the planet to go ranting and raving about a girl you went to high school with to a girl who also grew up in the same small town. Even if you can’t believe how little this girl has changed since high school, even if she still runs her mouth to no end about how important it is to be a Christian and live by God’s "law" all while preaching hate, celebrating death and telling everyone just how stupid they are for not living their life in mirror to her own, EVEN if she gets under your skin as much today as she did all those years ago. Just de-friend and move on. Resist the urge to rant because you know your track record with these types of things and although there was no way she was going to be actually standing behind you- you would be saying all these things to her cousin.


Someone who should know better

dang you, small towns.

dang you, big mouth

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