Wednesday, May 11, 2011

we’re baaaack

We finally arrived in Johannesburg last night after a very long day of travel from the Maldives, also known as heaven on earth (stay tuned for photos and story).  It was about a 20 hour day for us, 12 on planes and another 5 or so at various airports.  Needless to say, we’re feeling it today.  We  literally sore from heaving our massive and heavy bags over and over and over and our jet lag had us up before the sun this morning.

Aside from being tired though we’re so excited to be here!  Our new home is actually a great little apartment and connected to one of the larger and nicer mall complexes in Joberg which makes compound living a lot more enjoyable.  I’ve already been to the grocery once with plans to go back tomorrow.  Hey, I said I was sore- those groceries don’t haul themselves the quarter-mile through the 2 malls back to our hotel.  I’ve got to spread the canned goods and bottles out between trips.

We’re looking forward to lots of great weekends and even more excited about some normalcy with living in an apartment.  As I unpack today I can’t help but smile knowing I won’t have to pack it back up again for 2 months!!

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cynthia said...

yay for unpacking!
looking forward to Maldives pics and info. i don't know anything about it, but it looks lovely!!