Monday, May 2, 2011

sad day

Woke up to the message that our precious dog, Maggie, had to be put down this morning. 

She’s been battling cancer for a long time and although we said our goodbyes in March and we’re so glad she’s no longer suffering- we’re still sad to know she’s never going to bury her head into our legs and whimper in happiness to see us again or curl her lip up when she gets caught doing something bad or swim in circles for hours before having to be dragged to shore or eat a huge bone in 2.3 seconds or knock over every glass and bottle on a table with her kangaroo tail or tick-tack across the floor on her ridiculously long nails that she refused to have trimmed or catch a frisbee up in the air or run across the yard like lightening with her tail tucked under her rear or beg for just one more treat or snuggle up to us when there is a storm or pace frantically in the back of the car because she’s so excited to be going somewhere even if she has no idea where that somewhere is or bring you a ball 103 times in a row or take up the entire bed but be so sweet and cute you don’t care.

She was an awesome dog and was seriously loved and claimed by so many of our friends it was ridiculous. 

We’ll miss you, Maggs…






Prissy Pants



forever and always.

Give your scuff monkey sister some kisses from us.


cynthia said...

aww :-( so sad. we have 2 labs who live part time with us and part time with my mother-in-law...and when they are gone for a week we miss them so much. they are like our crazy kids. i love your post, a nice tribute.

MAV said...

thanks, we're very sad to lose her and be so far away but are happy she is no longer in pain.

Beth said...

maggie was an awesome sorry you had to lose her while you were gone :(

Although her tumor kept growing...and I know it must have been painful for her...she acted happy with life up until the end...smiling even on her last day!

I know she is missed, but y'all gave her a great (and long) life!!!
My Sympathy--

MAV said...

Beth, thank you so much for all you did for her. We knew she was in great hands and that made it so much easier to bear. We are so appreciative of the love and kindness you showed her.