Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Our first weekend in Rio was a relaxing one. We decided to forego the stress of driving and arranged a taxi guy to take us for a fixed price. It took us about 3 hours to get there on Friday thanks to the traffic and having to stop 372 times to ask for directions to our hotel once we reached the town.

Buzios is a beach town and has a cute little downtown area with tons of shops and restaurants along cobbled streets. Their claim to fame is that Brigitte Bardot vacationed there. They say she “discovered” it, or I guess put it on the holiday destination map, or whatever. Anyway, they have a statue of her overlooking the sea which we promptly mauled…


We had a lovely dinner on Friday night and then hung out by the pool all day on Saturday. After a rainy first week in Rio the pleasant weather in Buzios was all we needed to be happy.

Saturday night we milled about the town, wandered through the market and eventually ended up at a restaurant our hotel had recommended. The food was pretty awful, but the wine was good and unbeknownst to us (or the little Granny clutching her heart in the background) there was a drag show that night…

the grandmother behind him holding her heart- so cute.  she was wide-eyed the whole time!

Sunday we walked over to a nearby beach…




Jules was the only one brave enough to get in the ocean though. The water was absolutely frigid.

We made it back to Rio in record time thanks to our new cab driver who was apparently auditioning for a role in The Fast and the Furious. When we got out at the hotel I swear I almost dropped to the ground and kissed it.

This weekend we’re staying in Rio to enjoy the city. I can’t wait to see the Corcovado! I got a few glimpses of it on our way out of town and I have to say it’s pretty breathtaking.

I’m still unsure if I can handle going up to Sugarloaf though. I saw the cable cars taking people up and I’m going to need to do some accident rate research before braving it. Ugh.

Guess I should start working harder on my life list # 85- Overcome my fear of heights.

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