Friday, February 13, 2009

29 (+2)

I dreaded my 30th year like the plague and it turned out to be a fairly trying year. Delays in our plans and health hurtle after health hurtle left me yearning for my 20’s even more than I had expected.

I’m now looking 31 in the face and am just as horrified about getting another year older as I am every year. I am, however, looking forward to putting “30” behind me and moving forward with what is sure to be an incredible year.

I’m usually a stickler for making (not keeping) New Year’s resolutions but with all hubbub of getting ready to leave I neglected to set any for ’09. Sure, it’s a bit cliché but I think it is good to give yourself a good eval every so often. You know, take a little inventory and see where it is you are and the distance between that and where it is you want to be.

I’ve decided that I’m going to start measuring my own years instead of the calendar's and my resolutions should begin with each birthday.

Resolutions for my 31st Year…

o Use this opportunity to give back to my fellow man-worldwide. Meaning I need to volunteer in every country that it is possible for me to do so.
o Undo all the unhealthiness from my 30th year.
o Be more patient and lengthen my fuse.
o Focus on my books…really focus and really get this idea off the ground.
o Get my foot healthy enough to get back into heels! I will even settle for wedges.
o Write in my journal again…even when I feel like I’ve said I all have to say in cyberspace.
o Do my best to see people and places through eyes deeper than that of a tourist.
o Actually complete my Rosetta Stone lessons…whether or not any of theSpanish sinks in is out of my hands.
o Figure out a way to be the same friend from a million miles away.

Maybe I’ll be more inclined to keep these resolutions since I’m posting for all to see…maybe not...guess we'll see in 361 days.

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ablackwelder said...

You don't have to worry about the last to be a good friend from way over there.......your friends love you no matter what or how far the distance. We only want you both to be safe and have the most memorable time of your lives! The blog is great, because we can see you and hear from you....and we feel the love vibes coming through!