Monday, February 2, 2009

Delhi-Take 1

We traveled into Delhi on Sunday upon our return from Agra. We were without a guide and our driver and his assistant didn’t speak much English so it was a bit of a strained situation from the get-go.

We attempted to see a mosque but decided against the wait because when we arrived it was closed to non-Muslims for prayer.

We also attempted to go to Kinari Bazaar, but after a harrowing 5 minute walk into the back streets of Old Delhi we were told it is closed on Sundays.

After many hours of traveling in the van, most of these spent in horrific Delhi traffic, these two setbacks put us all in the mood to just go back to the serenity of our hotel.

Luckily, one team member asked if we could see India Gate on the way back. We did and found this monument (built to commemorate the Indian and British soldiers who died in WWI) to be surrounded by a beautifully landscaped park filled with pleasant families out enjoying the gorgeous weather.

We also found a bit of celebrity as we were all asked to be in photo after photo with Indian men and women in front of the gate.

I think he was as uncomfortable as I was!

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