Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is 5 weeks not enough time to undo everything that is done to a body when it can't walk much less exercise for 10 months...all while drinking and eating whatever it wants?

Apparently the answer is a big fat (pun intended) NO.

I have been working out like a mad fiend since arriving in India. I work out 5 times a week for 2 hours each session. I do cardio for an hour and then work with a trainer from the hotel for weight lifting and strength training. So far I've only managed to lose 5 kilos...I chalk at least 4 to maybe 4 1/2 of those to the water weight I was carrying from the booze-fests that were our goodbye parties.

So technically I believe I have lost only 1 kilo...which is only 2lbs. Why the kilo talk? Well, I'm drowning in conversions and after the other American on the team kept referring to kilometers and degrees in Celsius I realized I better go ahead and give in too.

On any given day I am too sore to move this appendage or day I sneezed and felt I had been shot directly in the abs. I wake up feeling as if a ton of rocks is piled on top of me because I am so achy and exhausted. You'd think maybe I'd be seeing some results but so far I've got all the pain and none of the gain.

I do, however, adore my trainer. I suppose he is kind of my bff here in India or at least the person I talk to the most outside of Jules. I have learned a ton from him about India and Indian culture...he's given me lessons on everything from the basics of Cricket to the details of Hinduism. And hey, I think it is only fair that I get to drill him for information while he is attempting to make me puke.

I also believe him to be in my debt since I save his life every single day by not killing him. Never did I think a person would survive literally poking a finger into my stomach and telling me I ate too much yesterday...or pointing out each and every area in which I need to lose fat from...or calling me lazy...or asking me to get myself weighed in public.

Anil's candor used to shock/embarrass/appall me, but now I find it endearing and know it will be one of the only things I miss about India.

He asks about going to America all the time and I am quick to point out that although I think he's a great trainer he'll need some lessons from me before trying to find a girlfriend. I don't think he'd get far at the bars poking girls in the stomach...a black eye maybe.

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