Monday, February 9, 2009

The Pink City

Our weekend in Jaipur was filled with some great sights and even better shopping.

By India standards, Jaipur is a far more serene city than Delhi or Agra. We saw some really cool sights and learned a lot about the history of the city.

But, in all honesty most of our time was spent taking advantage of what Jaipur is really famous for…beautiful handmade clothes, vegetable dyed fabrics, gorgeous handcrafted home goods and rugs, traditional artistry and awesome jewelry. It was an “all girls” weekend and each of us came back with lighter wallets and much heavier luggage.

I would say outside of the inappropriate massages we received at the Sheraton on Sunday (story for another day) it truly was a great weekend.


Yellowdog (Beth) said...

you can't just say "inappropriate massages" and then not tell the story.

MAV said...

oh i'll tell the story...just not as a blog post...i'll be telling this story for a long, long time.