Thursday, April 30, 2009


Like most marriages, our union had absolutely nothing to do with legalities. Whether or not we could file joint taxes never entered our mind when we entered into matrimony.

Considering that we've already jumped through (and paid for) all the legal hoops to give our family as much protection as possible (those afforded automatically in straight marriages) it has really not been important to us to have a legal ceremony in one of the few states that provide them. To do so and then reside in Georgia would have been pointless in regards to legal status.

We do however feel strongly about our right to marry and have toyed many times with having a civil ceremony if for nothing else as a symbol that at least some of our countrymen don't feel we should be treated as second class citizens.

We attended the wedding of some dear friends last year in Massachusetts and I have to admit that out of the many tears I shed for joy of their union a few of them were for the joy of hearing the officiant say "by the power vested in me by the commonwealth of Massachusetts". Never had I been to a wedding that I seriously had to fight the urge to shout as if at a political rally. It was wonderful.

I'm not sure if we'll legalize our union until it is federally recognized or we live in a state that recognizes it. Considering 70% of my fellow Georgians voted to ban our union, I have no intention of becoming a corn farmer in middle America and it's way too cold for me to live in New England my hope lies in our nation as a whole to come to their senses. And yes, I am well aware of how distant that dream truly seems.

But, with every state that does move forward my hope of federal recognition is kept aflame. As long as their governor doesn't veto the bill New Hampshire will become the fifth state with legal same-sex marriage. Only 45 more to go...


Anonymous said...

I love you so much honey! One day I'll be able to make you an honest woman. :) Way to go NH!

Kristi said...

can you believe all that has happened, homo marraige wise, in the past month? it's been like gay christmas in april stateside!

i fear the south may secede soon. :)

MAV said...

i know!!! and now with maine passing the bill through their the time we get back every house in america will have a big ol' gay flag flying from it!