Thursday, April 2, 2009

one bird, two fixes satisfied...

Last night we decided to finally get the Wife some Mexican food. If you know her at all you know she needs to eat it at least bi-weekly but would seriously eat it every single day if I let her. If you don't count the Doritos with tomato sauce and peanuts we had in India then it has been over 10 weeks since she's had any. Needless to say she's been really jonesin' for a taco.

We had heard there were some out in the burbs and we weren't looking forward to trekking all the way out there. Fortunately, Katrina, the sad pony-tailed, blue eye-lined girl at reception, was able to give us two choices that were only a short taxi ride away. She had never been to either but said one was supposed to be very nice although she made a point of stating she's never been to "that neighborhood" (this comes in later).

The restaurant was located in what I would call an "up and coming" area. It was a mix of buildings needing some tlc and high-end shops and trendy restaurants. Ours was located on the top floor of a quaint little building with an awesome view of the Acropolis. It had a very small dining room with only a half-dozen or so tables and a tiny little bar.

The food was good, not exactly on the mark with "Mexican" but close enough. They served real flour tortillas and that in itself was enough to bring a tear to the Wife's eye. Had the margaritas been made with limes instead of lemons they would have been perfect.

As we were eating I noticed a table of 6 women arriving. After about 2.3 seconds I deduced they were lesbians and for the rest of our evening I was completely obsessed with them. Why? I tried to explain it to the girl from Madrid by saying "wouldn't you be excited if there were Spanish speakers at the restaurant?"...she said "not really".

I saw one suspected lesbian at a restaurant in India...I was just as excited and again tried to explain it to the American girl that was with us..."wouldn't you be excited to see an American"...her answer was also "not really".

In both instances I wanted to go deeper into an asking them how they'd feel if they saw another woman after three months of living with only men. But I let it go, I think it's just difficult to understand when you can't relate.

It's human nature to want to be around your own kind. It's innate. It isn't that I feel separate from my straight friends/'s more about me needing to relate to other gay people on a different level.

Kind of like if you love a sport, you want to play or watch it with other isn't that you can't be friends with non-fans but it's nice to share a common bond with like-minded people.

I'd like to know what my gay and straight friends think about this (comments are open) and if you think I'm weird for feeling truly deprived because I never see other gay people.

Anyway, after the table of gay boys walked in we started putting two and two together...trendy stores and restaurants, the girl at reception making a point to know nothing of the area, 3 out of 4 tables were homos...we had unknowingly stumbled into the GAYBORHOOD!

Margaritas and lesbians and gay boys...oh my!


Dr. Pants said...

I will get some Willy's and think of Jules while I eat it.

As for your other question - hell yes it is awesome when you run into members of the tribe in other parts of the world. When I was in college I spent a month and a half in the Dominican Republic, and never honestly felt as aware of my queerness until I was there. We went to a dance club one night and there was a lesbian couple there, and I seriously almost cried I was so happy to see them. We ended up hanging out with them on a beach later in the trip.

So, yes. I agree.

ablackwelder said...

I can imagine anyone in a similar situation would feel the same. Not taking away from the obvious, I know anyone would feel better having someone they can relate to in close proximity....whether it be family/straight/black/white/etc.
Any person in your situation would feel the same, and I'm glad there are people far and wide to make you feel like you're not out there in an ocean by yourselves!

ablackwelder said...

you know the best Mexican food is in Georgia! Ole, ya'll!