Wednesday, April 29, 2009


we leave tomorrow night for madrid. madrid was top on my list when planning our weekends while in greece. as most of you know i was completely addicted to the travel channel for about a year before we left. i watched every single show because, hey, we had no idea where our travels would be taking us. the shows on madrid and spain in general really sucked me in. there was something about it that screamed "you are going to love it there!".

tomorrow cannot get here soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you guys check out Chueca while in Madrid. Great night life and I know you miss your gays. Love this blog and am enjoying living vicariously through you! Anne-Marie

MAV said...

thanks, i think we may have at least walked through the soon as i saw the glittered boy with angel wings i felt like i was coming home.