Monday, April 27, 2009

Crete = Break

When originally planning our trip to Crete we booked a hotel overlooking the harbor in the capital city of Heraklion. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and we thought it would be nice to base ourselves there and use our days to explore the other towns.

Last week however, we decided to cancel that hotel and book one by the beach. We needed a break...well, in truth my foot needed a break. It seems that the "4 days elevating and 3 days tromping all over European cities" weekly plan wasn't exactly what my foot or doctor were looking for to get my inflammation under control. We both knew I needed at least a good 2 weeks really off my foot before I would be able to turn the corner.

Our hotel had just opened for the season on Friday so it was just us, Christian and about 30 or so other Germans at the fairly large resort. Apparently Crete is hugely popular with German tourists. I seriously heard more German than Greek spoken for the two days we were there. The grounds of the hotel were beautiful and set just steps from the sea.

With our trips to Rome and Paris I just wasn't willing to stay down. Although I am sure we missed so many nice things, Crete's sunshine and glorious blue waters made it an easy place for me to give in and just take it easy. Which is exactly what we did. We literally lounged by the pool and read the entire weekend.

We only left the hotel once on Friday night for drinks with the hotel's "Animator", a very nice German guy whose name was Tobias although pronounced "two beers", which was great fun for us two English speakers after a few cocktails. For those non-Germans reading this (aka everyone) an animator is what we finally decided translated to "entertainment director" in English although both he and Christian thought this sounded far too important.

In the spirit of giving things breaks I also gave my face and my pointer finger the weekend off. I took only 3 pictures the entire time and refused any photos of myself.

where we spent our days...

who knew the Unabomber vacations in Crete? the sun was wonderful but the in the "land of redheads"(aka the shade) it was pretty chilly :)

The swelling in my foot is down significantly and I'm hopeful with a few more days off I'll be ready for Madrid this weekend with our beloved Kugans! We're both so excited it will be a miracle if our heads don't explode when we lay eyes on them!

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