Thursday, February 11, 2010


it seems 32 is the exact age at which to retire the "birthday shot".

goodbye old friend...we've had some good times and some really, really good times...but, you've burned me for the last time. it's over. officially. seriously. really, i will not ever have you again. i mean it. really.


Emily said...

hahaha....i think i'm officially retiring from the 'birthday shot(s)' as well. i've finally gotten over my hangover. glad we could take our last shots together. :)

MAV said...

i wanted to die for the better part of yesterday. well, it was fun while it lasted ;)

glad we shared our last ones together too!

ablackwelder said...

I think I owe somebody some money for the last round(s)......and I'm thinking I'm not really a shots person either........but I will always make a sacrifice for those I love! :-)