Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat?!?!

Being that I could care less about the NFL my Super Bowl Sundays are usually spent not watching the game, drinking beer and watching the commercials. But, after being in NOLA last weekend it was very easy to get excited for the Saints...I've really never seen more devoted fans and *hello* I spend my falls in Dawg Nation, I know devoted fans.

It was an awesome win for both the fans and the city so kudos! And hey, this is the first Super Bowl I've actually enjoyed watching since 1989's 49ers vs. Bengals. What? I was 11, in love with Joe Montana and it was the first time I ever made a bet-against my uncle for $25 (which was like a million to me then) and I WON!

I have to say I was pretty disappointed in the commercials overall. The screaming chickens were by far my favorite...

To get a recap of last night's ad look no further than here to see our buddies on CBS. Very cool guys!

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