Wednesday, February 17, 2010

grand way to spend a b-day

Julie and the rest of the guys took Friday off and we headed west on Thursday evening to Arizona. We spent the first night in Phoenix and left just after breakfast on Friday to head to Sedona.

We took a Jeep tour (actually the Pink Jeep tour which the boys were thrilled with) around the red rocks, through some desert terrain and ate some pretty good barbeque before driving the rest of the way to the Grand Canyon.

Although we had five different countries represented in the minivan it was your typical road trip with junk food, pit stops and “turn it up”, “turn it down”, “window up”, “window down”, “are we there yet” and “I have to pee” filling the air . Seems these things are universal.

We got into Grand Canyon in time to hit the Trading Post and grab some libations to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics in our room. I have to say it is much more exciting watching the athletes march in when you’re with so many from other countries. Each of us with our own swelling of pride and playful jabs in the spirit of competition.

We had planned to go to dinner after the ceremony but quickly found out that no restaurants in the little town are open past 9pm. We were lucky enough to reach the drive-thru at McDonalds just as they were closing. Had we not I suppose we could have fought over left-over peach ring gummies and sunflower seeds in the van.

We arose early on Saturday to get to the Canyon. It was just as awe inspiring as everyone said it would be…

We drove around to a few of the different viewing areas and then went for a much different perspective…

The flight through the canyon was unbelievable and a definite must when visiting.

We ended the day with a little birthday dinner...obviously before 9pm.

Sunday we got up early to head back to Phoenix for our flight only to find that our flight home had been cancelled due to weather. Weather that never happened and wasn’t even scheduled to happen by the time we would have been home but what are you going to do?

Hit the closest ghost town in Arizona- that’s what. Jerome was at one time a booming copper mine town and considered the “wickedest town in America”. At the time the tiny town perched on a hill had a whopping 24 saloons and brothels. Now it’s a tourist destination filled with shops, galleries, restaurants and supposedly spirits not quite ready to leave their homes. We grabbed lunch at the Haunted Hamburger in hopes of catching a glimpse of Claire, their resident ghost, but all we got were full bellies.

Our rescheduled flight wasn’t leaving until 12:50am on Monday so we stopped in Tempe to watch the sunset and kill some time before heading back to Atlanta.

This was my first trip to Arizona and I hope not my last. Although we got to see a lot I know there is so much out there waiting to be experienced...painted deserts, indian reservations, pertrified forests...I'm ready to go back right now!

This weekend we’re off to our nation’s capitol.

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