Friday, February 26, 2010

Introducing Flashback Fridays

As some of you may know, when leaving the US last January I deemed a very important cord to our brand new video camera unimportant and therefore left it behind. Yeah, because I'm brilliant like that.

Anyway, all year we just crossed our fingers we had enough space on our hard drive to capture what we needed to capture before we could get home to get the cord out of storage. Since this is going to be a painstakingly long process (because neither of our last names is Scorsese- wow, we stink at filming) we're going to be looking back one video at a time. Be sure to click on the links if you want to read the original blog entries.

This one is from our motorized rickshaw ride in Varanasi, India with Cloris.

Cloris keeps saying how happy we are because we were thrilled not to walking back. At least in the rickshaw there was no fear of stepping in poop- be that of cow or human variety.

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