Thursday, July 8, 2010

football- german style

we headed out to the local stadium to watch last night's semifinal world cup game. it was germany vs. spain and these fans were nuts. it was of course all very sad when they didn't actually win, but it was fun to celebrate and try to pull the team through with tens of thousands of fans...

netherlands is in the final with spain this sunday and we'll be in amsterdam cheering them on. of course that will actually mean that spain will take it since i'm a total jinx for world cup teams.

this also means all my spanish friends (and i have more than i realized) should actually thank me for them getting to the final instead of threatening bodily harm and denouncing our friendship ;)

gooooo netherlands!!*

*which actually translates to "viva espana!!"

1 comment:

Dr. Pants said...

Maybe you should start rooting for the Gators, since you're such a jinx.