Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Too short was our time in Lisbon. As is the norm with our in-between location trips; our trip to Portugal was sort of on the way while being sort of out of the way thanks to our routes through Paris and of course weighed down with every single piece of luggage we have with us.

Even so we had a lovely time in Lisbon. I think you would be hard-pressed not to in such a lovely city. Imagine San Francisco with its idyllic location on the water, its bridges and hills- then add European charm, architecture and all that grandeur of yore and you’ll get a pretty good idea of Lisbon.

We spent the weekend exploring a fairytale castle deep within a misty mountain forest, watching boats in the seaside village of Cascais, fighting the gusting wind at the most western point of continental Europe, strolling mosaic covered sidewalks in the city center and fell quickly in love with fado, the traditional and beautifully mournful songs of the Portuguese…

Lisbon has taken Madrid’s top spot in European cities for me. It will have a lot of competition this round beginning with Amsterdam with my two fave people in the world this weekend. Obviously I'm beyond thrilled to have the bestie coming to visit. Just 2 days away!!

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