Wednesday, July 7, 2010

welcome to koln

Thanks to a couple of flight delays we arrived at our hotel here in Cologne after midnight on Sunday... er, I guess that’s technically Monday.

Anyhoo, even being exhausted we couldn’t help but be blown away as we pulled up, like right up, to the Dom Cathedral. Wow, it's just spectacular.

Cologne had also just celebrated Pride and leftover revelers where swarming about as we unpacked all 832lbs of luggage from the taxi. Rainbow flags in hand, glitter and ribbons…I couldn’t imagine a warmer welcome to this city than seeing happy, out loud and proud gays after living 8 weeks in an Arab/Muslim state.

Between being in a tolerant city again, being able to order beer with dinner and having this as our next door neighbor…

I think we’re going to have a nice little 4 week stay here.

***um, that picture was taken from our hotel room window with no zoom. unbelievable.***

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